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How to fall in love with Crete's beauty?

Take a boat trip and find out…

Take a boat trip and find out…

Why don’t you treat yourself to one amazing lifetime experience that a boat trip in Chania can provide you?

Why don’t you treat yourself to one amazing lifetime experience that a private boat trip in Chania can provide you?

We act as your local guide in Chania and have found the best boat trips for you. All you need to do is find the one that suits you best and let us know! We will make all the arrangements for you at no cost at all! Get started with your boat tour through the impressive coast of Chania and visit the most beautiful beaches that will take your breath away!

Enjoyment and relaxation are just the surfaces of things that wait for you. We make sure you will have a most adventurous and exciting day that will make you fall in love with Chania!

Discover the most amazing boat tours!

• Full-day Cruise

How does visiting Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa island this summer sounds to you? Sounds amazing? Then this boat trip is for you! You will have the unique opportunity to experience these destinations in a unique and magnificent way.

Your trip will start along the northwest coast of the island, where tourists can enjoy the blue horizon until we arrive at the Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa Island. Balos is one of the most stunning beaches in whole Europe since it has an incredibly turquoise shade of water with the pinkishly-white color of sand that it gets from many crushed shells and corals from the sea. It gives a truly exotic experience.

After Balos, we cruise to the pirate island of Gramvousa. Here, we are going to visit the magnificent Venetian Castle and view of Balos. You will have a chance to swim here and explore the hidden beauty of the sea world.

• Half-day Cruise

If you are looking for a romantic sunset experience, we have a special tour for you with a private luxury sailing boat.

When the sun goes down and the whole of nature starts falling asleep, you will be amazed by the view you are seeing from the yacht. The whole horizon with the sun and clouds that you are seeing is going to sparkle with red and purple light. The sea will be so quiet and peaceful that you will enjoy this moment and it will leave a big impression on you.

You will have a chance to view the nature reserve of Theodorou island where rare wild goats Kri Kri species live.

After visiting this incredible Cretan island, we are going to the Lazareta stunning little island where you will enjoy the breathtaking view.

• Full-day Cruise

If you like to relax to the fullest and go somewhere where you can escape the crowd, we have the perfect boat tour for you. There is no better way to spend your vacation than to visit this untouched and hidden place in Chania.

The tour will take you on a private cruise to explore the Rodopou Peninsula Nature Reserve. This destination is accessible only by boat and the only thing that will wait for you here is the wild natural beauty, sea caves, and secret beaches. Not to mention the incredible blue shade crystal water.

At Menies bay, you will have the opportunity to discover ancient Diktinna city as well as Vritomartis temple. This temple is named after the popular Minoan goddess which was the daughter of Zeus. She was particularly worshiped in ancient Greek.

As the tour continues along the peninsula, you can visit a unique sea cave that has a purple coral reef. Our final stop is going to be Hironisia, a peaceful bay where you can enjoy the magic of the sea. This will be the last impression of our tour where you can swim and dive through the turquoise waters.

• Full-day Cruise

If you are amazed by the sea blue colorings and the beauty it keeps, you will be blown away by this trip. You will have a chance to see all the blue shades beneath you while you are riding big wild waves with the yacht.

The first point destination of this boat trip in Chania is going to be Seitan Limania which is considered one of the most popular Cretan beaches. The beach has unique natural beauty since it is hidden beneath steep cliffs. It has incredibly soft white sand and a narrow turquoise fjord that looks like a little heaven on earth.

After visiting this beach, we are heading alongside the Akrotiri peninsula where we are going to visit Stavros bay. You probably heard of this place if you watched the movie Zorba the Greek because that is the beach where Anthony Quinn danced “sirtaki”. You will have free time to swim and dive here and enjoy the mountains that surround the place and protect this heart-shaped lagoon from the wind.

The final arrival of our trip will be near Kalathas, where tourists can paddle inside the popular big Blue Cave and explore hidden sea life there.

• Full-day Cruise

Take a cruise and meet the private sea safari that is located around the nature reserve island of Theodorou.

This island is a natural habitat of thousands of migratory birds, turtles, and many different animal species. However, this place is mostly popular for the special and rare Kri Kri wild goats. Thodorou island hides plenty of mythological and vividly historical facts.

The first destination of our boat trips is going to be the north side of the island where you will have the unique opportunity to see a Venetian castle which is built back in 1583. This is the most important memorial of the island which stands at the highest point proudly after surviving a turbulent past.

Your boat trip will continue around the island where you will enjoy the beautiful wild natural beauty of the sea before we drop our anchor. We will stop at the southern bay and here you can see the wreck of a German aircraft lying in the sea since World War II.

As the best goes for the end, you will have time to relax and swim at the tiny yet cute Lazarata island. It has two private stunning beaches where you can enjoy.

We hope we provided you with all the details to make your decision about what you can expect from our different sailing trips.

However, you can be free to ask us all additional questions and requests you have. We will try to fulfil all of your wishes!

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