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Seitan Limania – A must visit beach!

The island of Crete is so huge and diverse. Not finding a destination that is worth visiting is impossible. There are truly so many stunning and attractive beaches that are worth seeing including the Seitan Limani Beach (Stefanou beach). 


This beach is considered one of the most extraordinary and unique on the whole island and if you are up to something like that, continue reading this guide that we prepared for you and find everything about this small, yet magical beach. 

The History of Seitan Limania Beach

The name of this beach itself is very unique and we are going to explain to you how it got it. Limani is the Greek word that translates to the harbor, while Seitan is the name that has remained from the Ottoman Turks because this place is known for having a devilishly strong current. But, with additional wild nature, huge rocks, and steep cliffs this was considered a very dangerous place.

There is another story behind this name. The beach is also known as Saint Rafael, named after the popular church that is located at the starting point of the canyon. Yet, that is not all since the beach has one more name – Saint Spyridon, named after the old cavernous temple that is located nearby.

This destination was not actually being introduced to tourists until recently. Only a few fishermen and some locals knew about this beach, but generally, it was not a popular and visited place. When people discovered the beauty of the wild nature and the incredible crystal blue water with rock formations, the popularity of this beach spread very quickly.

seitan limania
Seitan Limania Beach - Stefanou Beach

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Seitan Limania Beach

Stefanou beach is located at the Seitan Limania – satan harbor, 22 km northeast of Chania and 2km east of Chordaki village, which is on the east side of Akrotiri Cape. The whole area of Seitan Limania is familiar, as we mentioned, for the wild nature, steep cliffs, and strong sea streams that people found very dangerous. All of those factors influenced the name of this destination. We can agree this is a unique story.

However, there are three parallel narrow coves that are completely protected from the dangerous waves that people can visit and get in touch with the wild beauty. One of the coves (the northern one which is very tiny) is surrounded by deep azure crystal clear waters and is named the Stefanou beach. The beach has nice soft sand that is transferred through the canyon Dioplohahalo from the nearby quarry.

All those people that love to enjoy the untouched beauty will be amazed by this beach. Best of all, on both sides of the cove, there are huge rocks standing so high that are protecting it from the wind. At the first sight, you will fall in love with this tiny Seitan Limania beach hidden in Chania.

How to get to Seitan Limania

In case this destination sounds worth visiting, it is important to get all the necessary information regarding how you can get to Seitan Limania. The best option that you have is to go there by car. You can opt to rent a car if you do not have your own. The beach is located around 22 km from Chania. You should also know that you can not come right to the beach in the car. You need to leave it at the car parking lot and then walk down a narrow path. We suggest you bring proper footwear for this walking path.

In order to come to the Seitan Limania beach from the Chania, you need to drive towards the airport of Chania. After that, you need to turn left before you reach the airport and head to Chordaki village. Your next step is to follow the Rizoskloko sings. While you are driving, at some point, you are going to notice small signs that you should follow because they will lead you right to the beach.

One important thing to remember is that you are probably going to see a closed door in the middle of the road. Do not be surprised by this and think that you can not pass to the beach. This door has been put there to fence the goats of a shepherd. Therefore, when you go through this door, you need to close it. Now, you are going to be at the parking area where you will leave your car and then walk around 15 minutes until you see a perfectly hidden paradise on earth.

Advice for Visiting Seitan Limania Beach

seitan limania from above
seitan limania from above

There are a couple of tips that you should remember in order to make your trip to this lovely beach destination as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for you.

Primarily, you should bring adequate footwear since hiking down the mountain from the parking is tough if you decide to go in flip-flops. Instead, choose comfortable sneakers, so you would not slip.

One more piece of advice is that you should not be surprised to see goats here. In general, most beaches in Crete have goats that are very friendly and cute. They will be walking around with confidence. You should not be afraid of them, they are not dangerous. However, you should not leave your food unsupervised because they will eat it.

Another piece of advice that we are going to give you is to consider visiting this paradise beach earlier. As we said, the beach is located between two canyons, therefore, the beach was out of the sun very early, so it becomes darker. If you do not want to bother yourself with these details, you can book an organized tour and feel comfortable in the terms of leaving the beach at right time.

Finally, the most important piece of advice is that you need to pack literally everything that you need for the whole day at the beach. This means that there are no amenities at Seitan Limania beach. Do not forget to pack your food, water, snacks, sunscreen, towel, or something else that you think you are going to need.

What to See and Do by Seitan Limani

This is one of the most common questions that tourists have. If enjoying a breathtaking paradise beach and swimming in the crystal blue water is not something that will fulfill your expectations, you have some other options. The good news is that Seitan Limani beach is so close to Chania, which is the most popular city in Crete and maybe even in the whole of Greece.

This is a very stunning Venetian port and at the same time, Chania represents Greece’s top cultural and entertaining destination. Vising the whole port and enjoying the diversity of beautiful lined restaurants and cafes where you can taste delicious food is something that you should start with. After that, you can visit the east side of the marina which includes amazing Venetian boat houses that you can enjoy, and, best of all, some of them represent the cultural venues or cafes.

Your next stop is to visit the old town and enjoy the sight of the traditional greek buildings in different pastel shades line. Trough the whole time you will be opiate by the strong jasmine scent that climbs the walls.

Those that are looking for fun and entertainment can go shopping, visit souvenir shops, try Greek traditional food, and special olive sorts, or dance at bars listening to real Greek traditional music. Overall, you are going to have a chance to taste and enjoy the Greek culture.


Chania truly has something to offer to every type of tourist. During the day you can get in touch with breathtaking and exotic Seitan Limania Beach and provide yourself with unforgettable relaxation, while you can enjoy the Chania culture during the night. This is an experience that tourists find very magical and attractive. 

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